Visiting Students

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and a popular tourist centre. The school is situated in a pleasant residential area and just two miles from the city centre. It has many art galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas etc. It is renowned for its architecture and history. The Castle, Holyrood Palace, The Royal Mile and the New Town are major attractions. Sports facilities include the Commonwealth Swimming Pool and Stadium. There are several Sports Centres and a dry ski slope in the nearby Pentland Hills. All of this is within easy access of the school by public transport.

We welcome visiting students from other Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf schools abroad to spend one term or longer at our school. Full-year visits are recommended as the most beneficial to the student and these applications will have priority. Traditionally, visiting pupils join our school from Class 9 upwards, although occasionally we do have younger students. We recommend the Autumn Term, followed by the Spring Term. We do accept visiting students in the Summer Term, but our own students (in Classes 10-12) sit public examinations and their timetables are disrupted. Visiting students will be offered an alternative timetable and/or more EFL, but there is less integration with our own students.

To learn more about our facilities, please visit General Information. We also ask that you read up on our policies and codes of conduct, particularly on Carbon Footprint Reduction and our being the change we want to see scheme.

Admission as an overseas student is as follows: On receiving a enquiry from the student or his/her parents we send an Application Pack. (The pack can also be down loaded below. This will need to be returned together with:

  1. A copy of the students most recent school reports translated into English if possible, though we can read German and Dutch
  2. A letter (in English) from the student providing us with general information about him/herself, including why he/she wishes to come to our school etc.
  3. A doctor’s statement about his/her general health and dietary problems, if any.
  4. A recent photograph (passport size if possible

Overseas’ students attend Main Lesson and a selection of the following courses:

History Geography Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology Art English Music French German (for non German speakers) Drama, Arts and Crafts.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) lessons are also offered and students staying for two or more terms may sit the Cambridge First Certificate in English (provided they reach the required standard). Examinations for this are held in March and June.

NB We advise early application as the number of places are limited. Visiting Students who wish to stay for more than one term will be given priority.


Autumn term £2,280
Spring term £2,280
Summer term £2,280

These fees include Charges and Outlays, all books and materials and weekly Friday outings. It does not include any local examination fees (if taken), the Cambridge examinations in English as a Foreign Language (if taken), the Class 11 surveying trip (summer term only), class outings nor some of the school clubs.

Choosing when to come:

We strongly recommend visiting pupils who intend to visit for one term only to come in the Autumn term as this is the start of our school year.

In the Summer term, the timetables of Class 10, 11 and 12 are interrupted by public examinations for a few weeks in the middle of the term and for this reason we do not recommend this term for visiting students.

Boarding fee:

The boarding fee is £105/week. This includes full board and lodging, heating, laundry etc.

Cambridge First Certificate

Much of the work in the EFL lessons follows this course.

This is an upper intermediate qualification and we can enter students for this examination provided they reach the required standard. The examination takes place three times a year and examination fees for this are extra.

It is recommended that students wishing to sit this examination should apply to study for at least two terms, as the closing date for entry is usually during the term before the examination takes place.


Students board with families selected by the school; the latter are either teachers or parents of the school. The welfare of all visiting students is regularly reviewed and the boarding families inspected by our own Boarding Committee and, from time to time, by the UK National Care Standards Commission. On receiving a letter or e-mail from the parents or the student we send an application pack form


Overseas Students Administrator:   Astrid Maclean Tel: +44 (0)131337 3410
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