Parents Evenings

Parents' Evenings Spring Term 2011

We hold regular parents’ evenings each term which take place at 8pm in the classroom.

Kindergarten Caroline’s group – Wednesday 12th October

Margot’s group – Wednesday 12th October

Lucila’s group – Wednesday 2nd November

Charlot Wilson – Thursday 6th October

Class 1 Wednesday 21st September
Class 2 Wednesday 28th September
Class 3 Tuesday 11th October
Class 4 Monday 3rd October
Class 5 Tuesady 11th October
Class 6 Tuesday 4th October
Class 7 Tuesday 4th October
Class 8 Tuesday 20th September
Class 9 Tuesday 27th September
Class 10 Tuesday 27th September
Class 11 Tuesday 8th November
Class 12 Tuesday 8th November

On parents evenings we strive to include a brief update on our being the change we want to see scheme. This involves a combination of different projects that aim to bring down our Carbon Footprint. To learn more about this, please visit General Information. If you are unsure how to prepare for parents evening, please read this guide.